5 tricks to do interviews without requesting free days in your work

Attend an interview

If you do not want to say in your company that you are going to attend an interview, it is not necessary to use a free day, there are other strategies

When you already have a job, it is not always good to attend other job interviews.

For employees it is difficult to reconcile daily tasks in the office with job interviews.

Thanks to new technologies it is possible to simplify the personnel selection processes.

Having a job does not necessarily mean getting stuck and not paying attention to the market. In fact, it is advisable that workers remain attentive to new job opportunities, reviewing job offers continuously to find better job opportunities.

When this happens, and when sending a CV a call is received to attend a job interview, the worker has two options: tell your boss that you need to go out and explain the reason, or look for a strategy to finalize the interview without bragging about it at work.

The most advisable thing is to maintain the discretion, and to inform the employer only what is just and necessary. If you actually access a job that offers better benefits than the current one, it will be communicated in due course, but as long as the absence only corresponds to an interview, it is not necessary to do so.

5 tricks

The problem arises when defining how to get to the job interview without requesting a day off in the current job. To solve it, we tell you 5 tricks that you can use to make interviews without reducing your days off:

1 Do the interview on Skype.

2 Schedule the interview in one day of permission to go to the doctor or perform procedures.

3 Schedule the interviews after the dismissal time.

4 Choose late afternoon or early morning schedules for interviews, so that it is easier to make up for lost time at work and you do not even need to request it.

5 Intensify the sending of CVs close to the start date of the holidays, so that the interviews are in this period.

Whatever the path you take, try to be honest and avoid those excuses that only lead you to lie to your boss and affect your professional image.

First of all, you must comply with the employment with which you had committed at the beginning. Therefore, it is not recommended that you affect the stable employment that you already have by a remote possibility.

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