The masters with greater employability if you have studied Anthropology

Anthropology is a very necessary specialty to value cultural diversity and the evolution of civilizations

Advanced studies in Anthropology can improve your access to the labor market.

We show you a selection of courses in Social and Cultural Anthropology that you can access after your degree and that will be key to your professional orientation.

Formative heterogeneity is a highly valued factor in the field of Social Sciences and it can be crucial to stand out in the field.

Although you think that you can only find experts in anthropology in excavations in remote places of the world, locked in libraries and archives or without leaving museum laboratories, this type of professionals are very relevant for all that professional field in which it is important to know the human behavior and its way of interacting with space, time and other social beings.

For this reason it is a discipline with a high cultural, social, with ample possibilities for the development of specialties and intervention in different professional sectors.

The choice of your graduate studies

As in almost all current university careers, especially those of Social Sciences and Humanities, a good professional development depends on the choice of advanced studies and the professional opportunities that arise from them, such as professional practices, collaborations in research projects or scholarships. assistant in university departments.

It is also important that you value the idea of training at another university, choosing a master’s degree abroad or opting for a joint doctoral program.

All these ways can be very appreciated in your access to the labor market and the skills that you can apply in your work.

You must value what specialty, training options and competencies may be the most demanded or competitive in the area you want to target.

In many of these cases, the formative heterogeneity will be very relevant, since Anthropology studies the human being from different approaches, such as social, economic or political.

Master’s in Anthropology

In Estudios Universia you can consult all the training offer, both from your country, as well as from other destinations where you can continue your training and access better job opportunities.

Master’s Degree in Visual Anthropology

It is a master’s degree aimed at the field of research and development of theses focused on the visual language used by different civilizations and cultures, delving into the aesthetic, artistic, communicative or sensory properties that make them and make them unique.

Master’s Degree in Industrial Anthropology

It is a branch of Social Anthropology that focuses on the evolution of industrial activity, the origin and growth of urban areas and how it has conditioned human behavior.

Master of Legal Anthropology

This is the branch of Social and Cultural Anthropologies related to the concepts and ideas of the study of Law, the application of laws and the social organization resulting from these practices.

Master of Anthropology with mention in Andean Studies

Advanced studies that are very useful for teaching or for engaging in tasks related to cultural dissemination and promotion or heritage management.

Get up and running and discover all the courses and training that can enrich your knowledge and skills in the field of Social and Cultural Anthropology.

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